Hospital-Based Health Education Classes

Many local hospitals offer classes on topics that can help you optimize your health. As part of your PacificSource coverage, you can participate in hospital-based health education classes and receive reimbursement. Covered dependents are also eligible for this program.

Through December 31, 2017, the program will reimburse all PacificSource members up to $50 per class, series, or program, to a maximum of $150 per member per plan year.

New for 2018

Beginning January 1, 2018, classes will be reimbursable up to $150 per member per plan year. There will no longer be a per-class dollar limit. We will also add first aid, CPR, babysitting, and financial planning classes to this benefit enhancement. Note that health screenings are still excluded from the reimbursement. 

What classes can I take?

Hospital-based classes cover a wide range of health topics, such as pregnancy and parenting, heart health, weight loss, nutrition, and fitness. Check with your local hospital to see what health and wellness classes they offer.

Are there any limitations?

  • You must be an eligible and enrolled PacificSource member at the time of class registration to qualify for class reimbursement.
  • Exclusions: health screenings and entry fees for walks or other fundraising events.
  • Classes offered by organizations other than hospitals, and classes on topics other than health and wellness, are not eligible for reimbursement.

How can I request reimbursement?

After you've taken a class, just complete and mail in our reimbursement request form.

Other Questions?

If you have questions about this program, you're welcome to contact our Customer Service team toll-free at (888) 977-9299 or by email at

InTouch for Members

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Last updated 7/12/2018