Condition Support Program

Interested in improving your health? Setting some wellness goals? Frustrated that your health keeps you from doing things in life that you love? We can help!

Our Condition Support Program focuses on helping you adopt and maintain positive health behaviors. What you eat, your level of activity, tobacco use, medications, sleep habits and stress all affect your health. We are here to support you in making the lifestyle changes that are important to you.

We hope that by joining us in this program, you will enjoy a healthier and more satisfying life. When you take an active role in deciding the steps you will take, you take charge of your health. We believe that healthy lives lead to healthy communities. We’re in it for the people!

Who can benefit from the Condition Support Program?

The program offers support for members diagnosed with the following conditions. Please choose one of the links below for more information. You're also welcome to download our Condition Support flier (PDF) to learn more.

The Condition Support Program is available to all PacificSource members with medical coverage. Members covered under self-funded (PacificSource Administrators) groups are only eligible if their employer has purchased the option. Other eligibility requirements may apply. If you're not sure whether or not you qualify, check with your company's benefits administrator or feel free to contact our Customer Service Department. 

What does the program offer? 

  • A nurse and a dietitian to answer your health questions 
  • Personal support from a  health coach to help you reach your health and wellness goals 
  • Ongoing support to help you maintain healthy lifestyle changes 
  • Newsletters with current and helpful information about your health condition

Participation is Voluntary

As your health insurance company, we receive claims from your provider for the healthcare services you received. These claims include, in the form of a diagnosis, the reason you received those services. We look for specific diagnoses on claims so that we can offer Condition Support to members who may benefit from the program. If at any time you wish to stop participating, please call us toll-free at (888) 987-5805, or email

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Last updated 2/5/2019