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4/7/2020 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 040720 - COVID-19
PacificSource is now waiving all medical costs related to COVID-19
4/3/2020 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0420 - July small group renewals, COVID-19
July Small Group Renewals Provided Online Only, New COVID-19 Site Provides Updates and Resources, PacificSource Helps to Ease Strain on Providers
2/13/2020 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0220 - Healthcare Survey
What you need to know about the member experience surveys


12/12/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1219 - ACA Reporting
ACA Reporting for 2019: Deadlines and Details
10/14/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1019
2020 Commercial Sales Kits and Materials Are Now Available
9/30/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0919
Effective dates for individual plans to match the exchange
7/9/2019 - PacificSource Agent Announcement 0719 Oregon
Oregon: PacificSource Community Solutions Notified by OHA of Intent to Award Four CCOs
7/2/2019 - PacificSource Agent Announcement 0619 Idaho
Idaho (select area): PacificSource Partners with Rx Savings Solutions to Help Members Save on Prescription Costs
6/24/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0619
Members Aging into Medicare Can Get Help from Someone They Know: PacificSource
5/28/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0519 Oregon
Oregon: PacificSource Announces a New Partnership with Legacy Health and OHSU Health System
5/16/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0519 Montana & Oregon
Montana and Oregon: Group Size Determination
5/6/2019 - PacificSource Agent Announcement 0519 Idaho
Idaho: Pedro Rojas Joins PacificSource as Sales Executive in Southwest Idaho
3/20/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0319 Montana
Mel Reinhardt Promoted to Montana Regional Sales Director
3/12/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0319 - CAHPS
2019 CAHPS Survey Timing and Details
3/8/2019 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0319 - Commission
Commission Payment Error


12/20/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1218
ACA Reporting for 2018: Deadlines and Details
11/27/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1118 - 2
Trade the Stack of Applications for an Easy Enrollment Spreadsheet; Renewing Small Groups? Remember InTouch; Idaho and Montana Large Groups - No Experience? No Problem
11/12/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1118 ID
Update to Idaho Commercial Sales Collateral
11/12/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1118 MT
Update to Montana Commercial Sales Collateral
11/12/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1118 OR
Update to Oregon Commercial Sales Collateral
10/2/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 1018
2019 Commercial Sales Kits and Materials are Now Available
9/11/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0918
Online Small Group Renewal System Will Be Live Soon!
8/8/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0818
Online Small Group Renewal, Helping Members Make the Mouth-Body Connection, Access-to-Care Tools Help Members Take Charge of Their Health
6/1/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0618
Mail-order Prescriptions Through WellPartner Will Now Be Handled by CVS Caremark
3/7/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin MT 030718
MONTANA: Updates for New and Renewing Small Groups, Montana Commercial Sales Team Grows

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