What is a CDHP?

CDHP stands for consumer-directed health plan. There are several different types of CDHPssome that can be paired with an individual plan and some that must be paired with a group plan though an employer. What all CDHPs have in common, though, is a personal healthcare account used to pay for medical expenses. Think of these plans like medical savings accounts, giving you more control over your healthcare dollars.

How do CDHPs give you more control over your healthcare dollars?

CDHPs let you make decisions about how you’ll get the most value from your healthcare dollars based on what factors are most important to you.

With a CDHP, you use information about the cost and quality of various healthcare options to guide your decisions. You make choices about what doctors and hospitals to use. You also work with your doctor to decide what medications and courses of treatment are right for you. Then you pay for your healthcare using a combination of your medical insurance and your personal healthcare spending account. It's similar to the approach we take with important purchases from our household budget: we evaluate our choices and make our purchase based on factors like cost, quality, and convenience.

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