Our payor ID number is 93029.


Claims Guidelines

HIPAA Transaction Capabilities

Looking for the latest information on our HIPAA transaction capabilities? See our HIPAA Electronic Transaction Capability Status page.

Choosing a Clearinghouse

We contract with the clearinghouses listed below to provide transmission of professional, institutional, and dental claims electronically. Our payor ID number is 93029. (Please note there is a different payor ID for PacificSource Administrators: 93031.)

You may use one of these, or any other clearinghouse. If you use a clearinghouse other than those listed below, your clearinghouse should forward your claims to one of our contracted clearinghouses.

To find out more, contact the clearinghouse directly, or get in touch with your PacificSource Provider Service Representative.



20 South Clark Street, Suite 1810
Chicago, IL 60603
(800) 417-6693
Transactions: dental claims



26 Century Boulevard, Suite 601
Nashville, TN 37214
(615) 885-3700 
Transactions: professional, institutional, and dental claims; 835 remittance

Trizetto Provider Solutions


(800) 556-2231
Transactions: professional and institutional claims, 835 remittance

HeW (Health E-Web)


(877) 565-5457
Transactions: professional and institutional claims, 835 remittance

MCPS, Inc.


1722 South Glenstone, Suite 206
Springfield, MO 65804
(800) 879-7534
Email: mcp@mcps-inc.com
Transactions: professional claims, 835 remittance

Office Ally


16703 SE McGillivray Blvd. Ste 200
Vancouver, WA 98683
Phone: 866-575-4120
Transactions: professional and institutional claims, 835 remittance 

Payer Connection


Attn: Dean Hill
12122 SW Breyman Ave. 
Portland, OR 97219
(503) 421-4621
Transactions: professional claims, 835 remittance



1564 Northeast Expressway
Atlanta, GA 30329-2010
(866) 735-2963, Option 1
Transactions: Professional and institutional claims, 835 remittance

Mental Health & Chemical Dependency Parity

We’ve developed the following materials to address the most common concerns regarding Oregon parity regulations: 

InTouch for Providers

Access your PacificSource account information 24/7.

Medicaid Dental Providers

Learn more about our contracted dental provider networks for Medicaid dental services.

Learn more >

Benefits of Electronic Claim Submission

PacificSource encourages providers to consider the benefits of electronic billing:

  • Faster reimbursement—eliminates mailing, internal routing, and data entry
  • Reduced costs—eliminates cost of forms, postage, and staff time
  • Maintenance of high quality claim standards—reduces errors and omissions

Imaging Technology Speeds Claims Processing

In combination with electronic data interchange (EDI), imaging technology helps us improve efficiency, accuracy, security, and customer service. Learn more.

Last updated 1/4/2018