About PacificSource

For more than 80 years, we’ve built a reputation for taking great care of people. PacificSource Health Plans delivers healthcare solutions to businesses and individuals throughout the Northwest. PacificSource is based in Eugene, Oregon, with local offices throughout Oregon, as well as in Idaho and Montana. 

Founded in 1933, we provide medical and dental benefits to more than 3,900 Northwest employers and cover more than 272,000 people with group and individual health insurance plans. We also provide self-funded employee benefit plans, flexible spending accounts, HRAs, and COBRA administration services. Together with our subsidiaries, we employ more than 800 people. 

Our core values

Our culture is driven by six core values, which guide our employees in how we do business:


  1. Do the Right Thing: We are committed to doing the right thing—for our customers, for the community, and for our organization.
  2. Work as a Team toward a Common Goal: We are all working as a team toward a common goal, to achieve our mission of helping people get the healthcare they need.
  3. Focus on Customer Service: We are each responsible for providing excellent customer service, internally and externally, regardless of our job titles.
  4. Practice Open Communication: We practice open communication at all levels of the company to foster individual, team, and company growth.
  5. Participate in Efforts to Improve Our Communities: We actively participate in efforts to improve our many communities—internally and externally.
  6. Encourage Creativity, Innovation, and the Pursuit of Excellence: We encourage creativity, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence at every level in our organization.


PacificSource Highlights


  • We’re a regional carrier with a stable history and more than 80 years of experience.
  • We insure more than 272,000 members and contract with more than 46,300 physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare providers.
  • We have a reputation for friendly, personal customer service. 
  • Our flat organizational structure allows quick decisions and easy access to decision makers, enabling an agility not usual with health insurance carriers.
  • Our people are our strength. We have a highly experienced workforce with a low turnover rate and remarkable dedication to the organization.


Our Commitment to Customer Service

For employers, we offer:


  • Phone contact with a live representative—not automated response systems—and average on-hold times of less than 20 seconds
  • A dedicated Client Service Representative to help employers with everything from employee enrollment meetings through annual renewals
  • A dedicated Membership Service Representative to help with billing and enrollment questions
  • Tools, information, and one-on-one assistance to help you set up or tune up your workplace wellness program and meet your employee wellness goals
  • InTouch for Employers, our secure website for employers where you can manage enrollment, access your plan documents, download reports, and more


For our members, we offer:


  • Phone contact with a live representative—not automated response systems—and average on-hold times of less than 20 seconds
  • Extensive provider networks, including coverage all across the United States
  • Medical management programs and services to help those with more intensive medical needs get the most effective, cost-efficient care
  • InTouch for Members, our secure website where members can track claims, deductibles, out-of-pocket expenses, preauthorizations, referrals, explanation of benefits statements, and more
  • CaféWell, an online health engagement portal with personalized information and tools to help members make the most of their health
  • No-cost extras to help members manage their health and stretch their healthcare budget
  • Spanish language phone queue and benefit materials; no-cost translation service for other languages


We’re About Helping People

For us, healthcare goes far beyond insurance. It means providing programs that help members stay well so they can live well. It means providing financial and volunteer support for local charities that improve the quality of life in your community. And it means supporting and collaborating with other like-minded organizations—such as the 100% Access Coalition, the Archimedes Movement, and HealthMatters—to help ensure everyone has access to necessary healthcare. 

Learn more about our commitment to the communities we serve

Why PacificSource?

As a member of your local healthcare community, we’re right here with you, helping you get the healthcare you need to live the life you want.

Last updated 12/14/2017