10 Reasons to Unplug and Be Present

We're surrounded by screens every daysmartphones, tablets, computers, TVs, and even our watches. It's hard to get away. While technology has provided great resources for many of our everyday needs, it can still be a distraction from enjoying our life to the fullest. Here are 10 reasons to take the time to truly unplug and be present.

  1. Save money. Turning off your screens can help you save money on your power bill. An estimated 5-10% of energy bills come from electronic machines and devices being left on standby. Unplug your devices and find more exciting ways to spend that money. 
  2. No more FOMO. It's easy to feel left out when you're stuck at work or sitting at home while others are out having fun and documenting it online. The fear of missing out, or FOMO, has become a real psychological feeling with the advancement of technology. Power down social media to feel more confident with your own life without having to think about who's at brunch. 
  3. More time to get active. Screens have a tendency to be accompanied with sitting. Work to replace your screen time with active time, whether it's taking a break to walk at work, or turning off the TV at home to enjoy time at the park. Get your whole body up and move rather than just your eyes and thumbs. 
  4. Improve interpersonal communications. While social media may allow us to connect with more people, it can actually negatively impact interpersonal relationships. Stepping away from social media helps improve in-person communication and relationships. Communicating face-to-face includes body language, tone, and touch, all of which helps us understand one another to create real bonds. 
  5. Be more aware of your surroundings. A lot can happen in the two minutes you spend looking at your phone. By putting our screens away, we can take the time to enjoy what's happening around us. Plus, if nothing else, it'll keep you from walking into poles. 
  6. Improve memory retention and mood. Looking at a screen all day is a lot of work for your brain. Unplugging for just one day a week gives your brain the chance to reboot, which can help improve your memory and boost your mood. You'll have more time to enjoy activities and experiences that actually help grow brain cells, such as starting a new hobby or visiting a new place. 
  7. Be more productive. Taking the time to turn off your screens and relax during off-work hours actually helps you become more engaged. You may find yourself more proactive at work to tackle projects and solve problems. 
  8. Less jealousy and loneliness. Social media has created a platform to highlight the greatest moments of people's lives. Naturally, envy or loneliness can arise with each post of exotic vacations, body images, family gatherings, and even birthday greetings. Unplug for a little while and take the time to appreciate the joy and beauty of your own everyday life. 
  9. Sleep better. One of the things screens hurt the most is our sleep patterns. A full night's rest is important to give you the energy you need to get through and enjoy the next day. Turn off all screens at least a half hour before going to bed. Chances are, you'll find yourself falling asleep faster with a better night's rest. If you still need help falling asleep, trying reading a book instead of reading your news feed.
  10. Enjoy the moment. Technology has become a distraction from everything going on in the world, except for the moment right in front of you. It's accompanied with the constant desire to document every little experience. However, when we do this, are we really trying to save the memory, or simply show the memory to everyone else? Put your screen away, turn off the distractions, and embrace and enjoy the moment.

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Last updated 1/22/2018