Monday, June 30, 2014

Karen Joplin, Board Chair, Columbia Gorge Health Council

Josh Bishop, Executive Director Columbia Gorge CCO region, PacificSource Community Solutions

Columbia Gorge Region Coordinated Care Organization Receives more than $600K in Quality Pool Funds

(BEND, Ore.) - The Oregon Health Authority recently announced that PacificSource Community Solutions Coordinated Care Organization (CCO) will receive quality pool dollars for the CCO’s performance on quality metrics in 2013. PacificSource Community Solutions in the Columbia Gorge region will receive more than $690,400 from the Oregon Health Authority, and was one of 10 CCOs statewide to receive the full quality payout. The CCO, which covered both Central Oregon and the Columbia Gorge in 2013, met 12.9 out of 17 quality measures and was one of only three CCOs to be eligible for bonus dollars on the State’s “challenge measures,” which resulted in additional funds coming into the region.

“The CCO’s performance on these quality metrics is the result of tremendous efforts on the part of our local healthcare community and the unique governance model that empowers local stakeholders. None of this would have been possible without the passionate collaboration of caregivers and administrators from different disciplines and organizations,” said Josh Bishop, Executive Director of PacificSource Community Solutions Columbia Gorge CCO. “It is wonderful that we have these additional funds to invest in our community and improve the health outcomes and experience for our patients..”

The PacificSource Community Solutions CCO also exceeded 2013 national benchmarks on four measures: Early Elective Delivery, Electronic Health Record Adoption, Follow-Up Care for Children Prescribed ADHD (initiation phase), and Timeliness of Prenatal Care.

In the Gorge, community members serving on the Health Council’s Community Advisory Council and Clinical Advisory Panels are working to ensure that local residents receive quality care.

“We are working together with PacificSource to make sure people are being served in the best way possible,” said Susan Lowe. “Many of our initiatives, such as the Meals on Wheels proposal, have really helped local families.”

The CCO and the Columbia Gorge Health Council will work collaboratively to disburse quality pool funds. A portion of the funds disbursed by the Oregon Health Authority will be used to pay provider withholds and satisfy other CCO contractual obligations. Half of the funds will also be used to promote local initiatives to improve the quality of care provided in our community.

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About the Columbia Gorge Health Council

The Columbia Gorge Health Council works in partnership with PacificSource Community Solutions Coordinated Care Organization – Columbia Gorge Region. The Columbia Gorge Health Council consists of local leaders in health care along with county and community representatives. Thru local engagement and leadership, our goal is better health for all.

About PacificSource Community Solutions

PacificSource Community Solutions serves Medicaid members through its coordinated care organizations in Central Oregon and the Columbia Gorge. It is part of the PacificSource family of companies, which has an 81-year history and reputation for taking great care of people. PacificSource employs 700 people, and serves more than 300,000 members with individual, employer, Medicare, and Medicaid plans throughout the Northwest.

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