Juvenile Diabetes (Type 1 Diabetes)

PacificSource members with diabetic children can receive free resources, including our Counterbalance newsletter and a book, ADA Guide to Raising a Child with Diabetes, 3rd Edition, American Diabetes Association, by Jean Betschart Roemer, MN, MSN, CRNP, CDE. A program nurse is available to work one on one with parents to provide individual support. For more information about our Juvenile Diabetes program, please call us at (888) 987-5805, email yoursupport@pacificsource.com, or use our secure online form.

Counterbalance Newsletter

Counterbalance is our diabetes newsletter for parents of children with diabetes. It offers practical information and tips to help you manage your child’s condition. 

2020 Spring

  • Support Is a Beautiful Thing
  • Social Support: a Trio of Podcasts
  • Encouraging Words
  • College Diabetes Network (CDN)

2019 Fall 

  • Parents: How to Skip the Stress and Savor the Holiday Season
  • Teens: Driving Safely with Diabetes, Balsamic Glazed Salmon
  • Kids:  Safe & Healthy Halloween, Word Game, Pumpkin Seeds

2019 Spring

  • Parents: Caring for diabetes calls for the unexpected, Have you checked-in with
    your diabetes team lately, T1D Checklist for Care, Caring for your child’s moods
    and feelings
  • Teens: Your guide to healthy eyes, Blueberry Peach Smoothie with Flaxseeds
  • Kids: Has Spring Sprung?

2018 Spring

  • Parents:The Brush Strategy - Getting Children and Teens to Regularly Brush Their Teeth, Summer Camp
  • Teens: Get Ready to Get Out, Three-Cheese Breakfast Puffs
  • Kids: Thank You, Farmers

2017 Spring:

  • Parents: Big News in Diabetes Technology; Summer Camp
  • Teens: Tips for Controlling Your Diabetes
  • Kids: Strawberry Fun Facts!

2017 Winter:

  • Parents: Winning at Winter: A Seasonal Safety Checklist
  • Teens: 10 Sneaky Ways to Eat More Fruits and Veggies
  • Kids: The Avodilla: Cheese and Avocado Quesadilla

2016 Summer:

  • Parents: Puzzling over unexplained fluctuations in blood glucose levels; Test Your Knowledge! The Pancreas Is
  • Teens: Berry Yogurt Popsicles; Tip: Timing Is Everything!
  • Kids: Let’s Make a Yummy Sandwich; Draw a picture of your favorite lunch

2016 Spring:

  • Parents: Diabetes Summer Camps around the West, Easing the Transition to College or a First Job
  • Teens: Continuous Glucose Monitoring, Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps
  • Kids: C is for Calories!

2016 Winter:

  • Parents: Your Playbook for Preventing Colds and Flu, Verio®Sync Meter Plays Well with Others
  • Teens: 3-Step Prep for Outdoor Fun, Brush Up Your Smile
  • Kids: Snack Scrambles Puzzle

2015 Fall:

  • Parents: Remember to Get a Flu Shot! Take Care of You, Too; Turkey and Bean Chili
  • Teens: Diabulimia — When Diabetes Meets an Eating Disorder
  • Kids: Halloween Treats, Holiday Food Hoedown

2015 Summer:

  • Parents: How to Talk to Your Child about Diabetes, When to Use Meter Control Solution, Nectarine Blueberry Crisp
  • Teens: Rules of the Road (driving safety)
  • Kids: Picture Sudoku, Riddles

2015 Spring:

  • Parents: Diabetes Summer Camps, Taking Care of Your Vision with Diabetes
  • Teens: The New Medical ID Bracelets: Smart and Stylish!
  • Kids: Cheesy Pear Sandwiches, Power Snack, Bees in the Trees Puzzle

2015 Winter:

  • Parents: Effects of Exercise, Illness, Stress, and Growth on Blood Sugar Levels; What’s New In Diabetes Care; Good Skin Care
  • Teens: Getting the Most Accurate Results When You Test, African Peanut Soup
  • Kids: African Animal and Bird Puzzle

2014 Fall:

  • Parents: Holiday Eating Tips, A Quick Review of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA)
  • Teens: Breakfast Veggie Power Frittata
  • Kids: Spooky Word Puzzle

2014 Summer:

  • Parents: Do you have travel plans this summer? Fruit and Cheese Kabobs recipe
  • Teens: Healthy Summer Swimming, Sunscreen Update

2014 Spring:

  • Parents: Helping Your Child Keep in the "Zone," New Product Shows Promise as Injection Alternative, Diabetes Camps for 2014, Looking for an easy way to eat healthier?
  • Teens: Kick It Up! (Ready to get active?)

2014 Winter:

  • Parents: How the Affordable Care Act Affects those Living with Diabetes, Cut the Winter Blahs with Fun Outdoor Activity, Parenting Style Impacts Type 1 Diabetes Control in Children and Adolescents
  • Teens: Breakfast is the fuel, Eggs in Nests
  • Kids: Veggie Power, Fun Facts About Vegetables

2013 Fall:

  • Parents: Solutions for Common School Problems
  • Teens: Candy Carb Counts; Got brains? Let ‘em out!
  • Kids: Boo Bento Box, Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes, Fun Food Labels

2013 Summer:

  • Parents: Summertime Fun, Sun, and Food; Fruit-Infused Water (Aguas Fresca); Remember the Sunscreen
  • Teens: Bring on Summer! (tanning, sunscreen, skin cancer awareness)
  • Kids: What are your favorite fruit snacks for summer, Snack Match quiz, Frozen Fruit Skewers

2013 Spring:

  • Parents: Let’s talk about our Kidneys, Plan Now for Summer Camp
  • Teens: Even with Diabetes, this Guy Really Cooks! (Chef Chris Smith)
  • Kids: Healthy Food Word Find, Strawberry “Grahamwiches”

2013 Winter:

  • Parents: Is It Time for a Diabetes Team Check-in, Do You Have a Glucagon Emergency Kit, Triggers and What You Can Do, Practice Makes Perfect... and Gives You More Confidence
  • Teens: Make Your Move in 2013, Ask Sheila—"How can I help my friend, who also has diabetes?"
  • Kids: Help the Kids Get to the Park Game

2012 Fall:

  • Parents: Halloween: Tips for Trick-or-treating, Healthy Holiday Season Eating Tips for You and Your Family, Candy Popcorn
  • Teens: The Holiday Eating Season, Holiday Season Tips, Ask Sheila—"Am I more prone to
    getting sick because of having diabetes?"
  • Kids: Party Puzzle, Slimy Snacks

2012 Summer:

  • Parents: Summer Safety—Remember the Sunscreen, Keep Hydrated, Watch for Heat Illness, Encourage Safety with Skateboards and Scooters, Teach Good Bicycle Habits, Are You and Your Family Prepared for an Emergency
  • Teens: Be Safe and Stay Cool, Be Summer Sun Smart, Beat the Heat—Stay Hydrated, Remember..., Keep Cool with this Homemade Sports Drink
  • Kids: Frozen Chocolate-Banana Pops, Yogurt Pops, Sun Safety, Drink Water, Water Safety

2012 Spring:

  • Parents: Taking Care of Yourself, Summer Camp 
  • Teens: Living with Diabetes 24/7, Ask Sheila—"How do I deal with kids at school?"
  • Kids: Summer Exercise Scramble, Staying in the Game, PB&J Hummus

2012 Winter:

  • Parents: Planning for Sick Days—Colds, Flu, and Other Bugs; Taking Care of Yourself—Time for the Caregiver; Breakfast Fruit Cup
  • Teens: Nick Jonas; Sick Day Planning—Colds, Flu, and Other Bugs; 15:15 Rule; Ask Sheila—"Can you tell me the top things I should know to help me take better care of myself?"
  • Kids: Picture to color, Breakfast Fruit Cup, Sick Days, Laughter 

2011 Fall:

  • Parents: The Holidays and Diabetes, Chunky Apple Cake
  • Teens: Diabetic Heroes—Kris Freeman, Ask Sheila—"Is there a way I can figure out carbs without just guessing?"
  • Kids: Exercise, Test Your Bone Smarts, Jack-o-lantern Maze

2011 Summer:

  • Parents: Thinking Ahead to Fall and Back-to-school, Healthy Makeovers for Favorite Family Recipes, Reading Food Labels
  • Teens: Keeping Your Teeth Healthy, Going to College 
  • Kids: Blueberry Month, Brush Your Teeth, Tasty and Cool Summer Treats 

2011 Spring:

  • Parents: Diabetes Camps, A1C tests
  • Teens: Learning to Drive
  • Kids: Snacks, Summer Vacation

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