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May 2019 | Montana & Oregon

Group Size Determination

clipboardEach year, we are required to determine if an employer still qualifies for group coverage. In order to maintain group coverage, an employer group must include at least one full-time equivalent (FTE) eligible employee enrolled on the plan other than owners, spouses, and family members of the owners or partners. An eligible employee is an FTE that has completed the probationary period and meets the weekly hour requirement as determined by the employer.

What can you and your groups expect? We will send out a Group Identification Form to all groups, regardless of size, around seven months prior to the renewal date. The signed form should be returned to the appropriate sales team prior to the release of the employer group’s upcoming renewal.

Who completes the form? The group administrator should complete the form.

We ask for your help. If we are unable to get the form from the group administrator, we may ask you to assist us in collecting this information. If you have questions please reach out to our Sales team for your state or region.


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