Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program

If you have multiple conditions and take multiple chronic medications, you may be contacted about Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services. Through our MTM program, we have identified specially trained pharmacists, local, from MTMCare, or from Bridgewell Medical, who are contracted and trained to give MTM services. If you struggle to remember to take your medications at the right times, or you wonder if they’re working as intended, we can help. Talking with an experienced pharmacist can help keep your medications on track.

Through our Medication Therapy Management (MTM) program, pharmacists call members with multiple, ongoing prescriptions and conditions to offer assistance at no cost.

Working together with you and your doctor, your MTM pharmacist will help make sure you’re getting the best results from your medications, while keeping your out-of-pocket costs down.

Program partner organizations:

  • Bridgewell Medical (208) 505-1179
  • MTMCare (844) 582-6901

MTM Services

Comprehensive Medication Review

Your MTM pharmacist will review all your medications with you. This will help identify any duplications or conflicts, and will help you organize your medication schedule.

Prescriber Consultation

Your MTM pharmacist will talk with you and your doctor(s) to resolve any problems found with your medications.

Nonprescription Consultation

Avoid interactions between your prescriptions and other nonprescription drugs (over-the-counter) and dietary supplements. Your MTM pharmacist will help you identify any potential problems.

Written Medication Summary

You will receive a written summary either immediately after your comprehensive medication review or later in the mail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all pharmacists in the PacificSource Pharmacy Network also MTM pharmacists?

No, not all pharmacists in the PacificSource Pharmacy Network are MTM pharmacists.

PacificSource contracts with pharmacists who are uniquely positioned to work with you and your doctor to improve your medication regimens.

What if I do not want to be enrolled in the MTM program?

You can always decline if you don’t want to receive MTM services.

Can I use my regular pharmacy and still visit an MTM pharmacist?

Yes. The MTM program is a free service offered by participating pharmacists to eligible members. You may continue to use any PacificSource participating pharmacy for your prescriptions.

Will I pay additional costs for using an MTM pharmacist?

No. PacificSource offers these services at no cost to you.

Can an MTM pharmacist save me money?

Yes. Similar medications can have large cost differences. Your MTM pharmacist can help you and your doctor choose the most effective medications.

Will my doctor know if I need to make any changes to my prescriptions?

Yes. Your MTM pharmacist may make recommendations to you and your doctor, but only your doctor can change your prescriptions.

Will I be required to use an MTM pharmacist?

No, but PacificSource contracts with specially trained pharmacists for the MTM program. The MTM pharmacist will work with your regular pharmacist and your doctor to help you get the most from the medications you are taking.


Contact our Pharmacy Services team:

     Toll-free: (844) 877-4803, 8:00-5:00 (Pacific Time) weekdays



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