Protect Your Joints

Cartilage around your joints break down due to overuse or injury. This can cause the joint space to narrow and for the bones to rub together. Take care of your joints today to prevent getting arthritis or use these tips to protect further joint injury.

  1. Change positions often. While working, reading, or watching TV, keep yourself moving to prevent joint stiffness. Take breaks to move around; get up to get a glass of water.
  2. Stay lean and healthy. By shedding a few unnecessary pounds, you will be taking strain off the joints that already hurt or that could potentially be injured.
  3. Don’t stretch cold muscles. It’s important to warm up your muscles with some light to moderate physical movement before stretching.
  4. Do low-impact exercises. If you have joint pain, take the pressure off your joints, tendons, and ligaments. Some low-impact exercises include swimming, walking, and cycling.
  5. Build your core strength. A stronger core and back brings balance to the body and reduces the risk of falls and other injuries to the joints. Try some common core strength exercises, such as crunches, bicycle crunches, and planks.
  6. Eat fish to reduce inflammation. Fresh, cold-water fish and fish oil capsules contain good sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and keep your joints healthy. An alternative for vegetarians is flaxseed soil capsules.
  7. Grab a bag of ice. This natural and free pain reliever can be one of the best ways to relieve swelling and numb pain. Ice achy joints for up to 20 minutes. A bag of frozen veggies will do the trick. And who knows, it might give you an idea for what to make for dinner.
  8. Seek treatment right away. If you feel any joint pain, see a doctor right away to determine if further treatment is needed. Without taking the appropriate steps, further injury can occur, which could result in complete immobilization of the joint and muscles surrounding the joint.

Source: – Keep Your Joints Healthy (2011).

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