Customer Testimonials

Our employees take pride in working for PacificSource, and when you encounter our customers, it's easy to understand why. We often receive feedback from our members, plan administrators, providers, and brokers.  Here are some recent comments:

From Our Members

  • A Customer Service Representative reports: “I just got off the phone with a member who said, ‘This is the best insurance company I have ever had. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences and outcomes every time I call, regardless of who I talk to. I really appreciate it!’”
  • A Customer Service Representative states: “I had a discussion with a member about some claims. She told me that having PacificSource Administrator coverage was one of the reasons she would never leave her job, because everyone here is always so helpful. She loves speaking with ‘real people’ and wants to compliment everyone on the wonderful job we do for her group.”
  • A Customer Service Representative reports: “A member called, and when I answered she said, ‘You guys rock! You only put me on hold for 10 seconds, and I just love that!’ After we finished the call, she said, ‘You guys are just amazing. I spent four hours on the phone with my other insurance for just a few questions, and you guys are always responsive and helpful. You’re doing something right over there.’”
  • Health Services Representative reports: “I received a call from a member who questioned the process for Step Therapy meds. Once I explained it to him, he was so happy to hear how easy it was. He added that we offered far better service than his previous insurance provider ever had. The ease of the phone call and the process made him very happy.”
  • A Claims Analysts states: “I spoke to a member who absolutely loves PacificSource. We have been there for her and her family during a trying time. She said that she can always reach us and that we have been very helpful, making this difficult time much easier for them.”
  • “A participant said that every time she has called Manley, the person she has spoken to has been very pleasant and extremely helpful. She said that whatever training we are given is working, and we are the best customer service people she has ever dealt with.”
  • A representative from Manley Services reports: “A customer just called me and said that she was impressed. She mailed her claim in on Friday of last week, and received her check on Thursday of this week. She ended the conversation with a big thank you and said to keep up the good work.” 

From Our Employer Clients

  • We received this email: “I met with my agent yesterday, and we both shared how much we enjoy working with PacificSource. Your follow-through is top quality! Thank you.”
  • “I wanted to share some wonderful feedback I received from one of our employees: ‘I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think PacificSource is! I had to send them some paperwork for a claim I had, and everyone in the Customer Service Department was so nice and helpful.’ Thank you and your customer service team for being so helpful and wonderful to our employees!”

From Our Providers

  • A Claims Representative reports: “I received a call from a provider who said she likes working with us better than other carriers. She always gets the same people when she calls, and she feels like she knows each of us, even though she has never met us. She also said we are always friendly, helpful, and so much nicer to deal with.” 
  • A Provider Service Specialist shared that he had been working with a provider who wanted to pass along that she truly appreciates the service she has received from PacificSource. She said that she has witnessed the great service that PacificSource provides from both sides, being a provider and now a member, and would recommend us to anyone.” 
  • A Health Service Representative received this message from a provider: “I want to thank you and PacificSource for quickly expediting the treatment plans and actually calling us back in person. You provide fantastic, fabulous service for us—and certainly for patient care—and that’s not happening with a lot of the other carriers. I just wanted to pass that on and say thank you.”

From Our Agents and Brokers

  • We received this note from an agent: “I want to express my and the group administrator's thanks for the effort you made to correct the billing problems that occurred on this group's renewal. I have long felt that the work you do for us in the field makes all of us better at what we do. PacificSource is, as we all are, fortunate to have you working on our behalf. Thanks.”
  • An agent sent this note: “I just wanted to offer my support and to express how proud I am of PacificSource's decision to continue to offer coverage for children. I certainly will keep the courage of the company's conviction—and its spirit of working with the new healthcare reality—in mind as I work with clients to help them reach the best insurance decisions. Good job, PacificSource!”

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