Work-Life Balance

We all have at least a couple in our family: workaholics who don't seem to understand what they are missing by spending so much time focused on the office instead of on the people and activities they love the most. We've also been around those who are chronically stressed due to their work, so even when they are at a family barbeque or on vacation, they are unable to unwind.

At PacificSource, we want more than that for our employees. You deserve a career that allows you to leave your job in the office so that you can be an active participant in the rest of your life. In any workplace there are bound to be stressful periods, but day-in, day-out stress drains us physically, mentally, and emotionally. And as a company, we will not be able to enjoy sustained growth, innovation, and service if we are relying on employees who are suffering from chronic stress.

What Makes Us Different

We provide resources when our employees need them the most. As part of our generous benefits package, we offer services through an employee assistance program that allows our employees up to four free counseling sessions per issue per year, free half-hour consultations with an attorney or financial advisor, on-demand information and advice about childcare and elder care, and a robust website with tools including informational articles, online courses, and more.

We consider employee wellness to be a priority. We also provide ample opportunity for employees to improve their well-being, from an on-site fitness center to monthly activities planned by an employee-run wellness committee, to the wellness programs offered as part of our health coverage.

We expect our employees to work reasonable hours. There may be occasions where overtime is necessary, but once we have addressed a situation (such as a peak time in the business cycle), employees return to their regular work schedules.

We provide employees with time for their personal lives. We expect and encourage our staff to take at least one week's vacation each year, and have a generous paid time off (PTO) accrual rate that allows full-time employees to earn at least 20 days of PTO per year. We also offer eight paid holidays.

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Last updated 8/25/2011