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9/11/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0918
Online Small Group Renewal System Will Be Live Soon!
8/8/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0818
Online Small Group Renewal, Helping Members Make the Mouth-Body Connection, Access-to-Care Tools Help Members Take Charge of Their Health
6/1/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 0618
Mail-order Prescriptions Through WellPartner Will Now Be Handled by CVS Caremark
3/7/2018 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin MT 030718
MONTANA: Updates for New and Renewing Small Groups, Montana Commercial Sales Team Grows


12/1/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 120117
ACA Reporting for 2017: Deadlines and Details, Teladoc Member Welcome Letters Begin Mailing in December 
11/13/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 111317
Easy Online Renewal Option for Small Groups  
10/30/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 103017
2018 Commercial Sales Kits and Materials Now Available 
10/10/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 101017
New for 2018: Expanded Benefits and Programs - New Telemedicine Service, Teladoc, Offers Access Option; Gym Discount Program Changes to Active&Fit®; Hospital-based Education Program Expands. PacificSource Wellness Resources Support a Healthy Workforce. 
6/22/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 062217
A.M. Best Upgrades PacificSource Credit Rating 
6/19/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 061917 MT
MONTANA: Members Gain In-Network Air Ambulance Coverage
5/1/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 05012017 ID
IDAHO: Idaho Transitional Plans Extended through 2018 
4/27/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 04272017
Commission Statements Easier to Understand  
3/22/2017 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 032217 OR
OREGON: Discontinuation of Oregon Small Group Transitional Plans 


12/21/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 122116
ACA Reporting for 2016: Deadlines and Details
12/14/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 121416
Improvements Coming to InTouch for Agents, We’re Making InTouch for Agents Easier to Use
12/8/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 120816
Ready for 2017? Deadlines are coming up fast
11/21/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 112116 MT
Montana: Three Reasons to Recommend PacificSource Small Group and Individual Plans
11/9/2016 - PacificSource Agent Bulletin 110916
2017 Summaries Now Online, 2017 Small Group Quotes, Two Positive Changes for 2017, Medicare Part D Creditability Plan Lists, Renewal and Discontinuation Notices, Bonus Clarification

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