Bend Chamber of Commerce:
PacificSource Health Plans

Bend Chamber logo Agents and agencies are required to be licensed in the State of Oregon, appointed with PacificSource Health Plans and Johnson Benefit Planning, and a member of the Bend Chamber in good standing.

Coverage at a glance:

  • At least two people need to enroll in a group. 
  • Domestic Partner Benefits are available to all groups.
  • Dental plans are available to all medical groups and on a stand-alone basis for groups of five or more.
  • Orthodontic coverage is available to groups of 10 or more enrolled employees.
  • Acupuncture/Chiropractic Manipulation coverage is available to all groups.
  • Vision coverage is available to all groups.

For more information, please refer to the Bend Chamber sales brochure, or contact:

Johnson Benefit Planning
541.382.3571 or toll-free 800.314.3571
Fax: 541.382.3807
Email: Lisa Thompson at
777 NW Wall St Ste 100, Bend OR 97701

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2017 Plans
2016 Plans
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2017 Plans

PacificSource (PSN) or SmartChoice (SCN) Network Plans:  

  • 1500+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN
  • 2000+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN
  • 3000+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN
  • 5000+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN  

     Prescription Drug Benefits: 

Medical with Integrated Rx:  

  • 1500+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN
  • 2000+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN
  • 3000+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN
  • 5000+35_30+Rx     PSN / SCN  

HSA-qualified Medical Plans:

  • HSA 3000_50_Rx   PSN / SCN
  • HSA 6000_Rx         PSN / SCN

Chamber Core Plans:

Vision Care Benefits: Vision 10-150

Alternative Care Benefits: Acupuncture and chiropractic manipulation


*Groups of 10 or more enrolled employees may purchase orthodontia coverage with any of the above dental policies.


2016 Plans


Medical with integrated RX:



Vision: Vision 10-150

Alternative Care: Chiropractic Manipulation and Acupuncture


Sales Brochure

Renewal Confirmation

Member Group Application (Master Application)

Enrollment Application

COBRA Election Form - Federal

Associate Application

Affidavit of Domestic Partnership

Termination of Dependent Coverage  

Wellness Commitment Certificate

Additional Materials


Underwriting Guidelines for the Bend Chamber Plans

Value-Added Programs and Services

InTouch for Employers

Global Emergency Services from Assist America

Weight Management Resources for Members

Member Fliers:

InTouch: Online Access to Your Information

Online Provider Directory

Quit For Life Program (tobacco cessation)

Hospital-Based Health Education Classes



Last updated 6/9/2017